* Weisberg’s article, Is Newt Nuts?, is worth reading.  What would Republicans do with such an article written about a Democratic candidate?  The question of a Democrat’s mental stability would start out as a political talk-show item.  There would then be questions about whether he had sought psychiatric help, and then calls to release his mental health records.  If there’s clinical evidence of instability, journalists—first, bottom-feeders like Drudge and Limbaugh, then, moving up the journalistic food chain to Fox News, then to CNN and the networks, then to the PBS NewsHour—would ask, isn’t it better to know about it now than after he has the finger on the button?  And if there’s nothing there, why not just release the records?   There would be sober news segments on hypomania, discussions by psychiatrists, and retroactive diagnoses of past figures who might have been hypomanics before the term was invented. 

But I digress.